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KISS wins

April 19th, 2010 by heiwayinc

Well, I’m back to simple. I decided the notepad themes were all too busy. I like this simple format (Aggiornare by GeekDesignGirl), but definitely need to work on a logo to jazz it up just a tad. I also got rid of the setting. I will create a link in root myself to access the blog via this route. This blog is now hosted on my own website using WordPress. You can figure out the pros and cons on your own.

Next, I am going to experiment with modifying an open software css code template for a blog.

Blog Theme Auditions

March 16th, 2010 by heiwayinc

I have continued my search for a blog theme and decided to audition a number of them. I downloaded several and will snap screenshots of each with a brief description. Rather than include them here, they are linked on a static page to enhance the display. Then you can help me decide. Feel free to comment here.

Click here to view the auditions.

Blog Theme

March 16th, 2010 by heiwayinc

I wanted a blog theme that looked like a notebook or notepad. I came across this desk calendar one from InfoCreek. I think they call it Duffy. It isn’t 100% compatible with WordPress, but it comes out well on the one platform I have checked so far. 

I didn’t care for the Brown tone on tone background, so I swapped it out for a Linen one. The bottom jpeg isn’t working out at the moment, but it isn’t bad with the original Brown tone on tone.

The theme setup didn’t work exactly as planned due to the ZIP file unzipping about 8 extra levels of directories. When I moved the directory that had all the goodies in it up to the correct level and deleted all the other subdirectories it worked like a champ.

Some knowledge of file systems is helpful in this step (…/blog/wp-content/themes/theme-name). So far, I’m finding the widgets are not as easy to setup in WordPress as they are in Blogger (to be continued). How do you like the result so far? 

Convert Blogger 2 WordPress

March 14th, 2010 by heiwayinc

It only took an hour, but I managed to convert my blogger 2 wordpress. Check out some info here at

I looked up Google Blog Converters. Read the readme file and found this URL: which is a quick export utility. I had to use PC (not MAC) for this. I saved the file to PC. This created a WordPress WXR (WordPress eXtended RSS) export file suitable for importing into a WordPress blog.

Next login to WordPress, go to TOOLS, select Import, from list choose WordPress, enter export filename (wordpress wxr)


Only importing the theme I selected has NOT been so easy. It didn’t work on first try. Turns out the theme was not organized properly. I used FTP to upload to my host, then moved the entire directory — that some genius had nested about 8 levels down from where it should have been. (Love you InfoCreek.)

3 days to untangle the mess

March 4th, 2010 by heiwayinc

It has taken three days, to untangle the mess made by attempting to link to Somewhere along the way, my hosting company associated with google. I was continuously getting 404 errors.

Meanwhile support at said hosting company kept responding with miscellaneous messages to wit: there is no problem, all links are valid; it will take several hours for the DNS zones to propagate; it’s a google problem, contact them.

I don’t know who’s to blame. Is it google? Or is it my hosting company who insist on messing with the DNS tables themselves. Or maybe it’s an offshore help desk. Don’t get me started on that one.

So all is well now. We are ready to rock and roll. After all this, I think I might switch to WordPress. {editors note: I switched a week later}

To Host or Not To Host

March 4th, 2010 by heiwayinc

I’m currently researching the question of whether it is better to host or not to host this (or any) blog yourself.

Seems like it is better to host for a number of reasons, but then one would need a software solution. It does not appear that blogger is going to get the desired results.

More on this later.

Google “CNAME”

March 1st, 2010 by heiwayinc

Back in the days of FTP we never had to worry about DNS entries. Now that FTP is apparently outdated and non-secure, we have to figure out how to update the DNS entries ourselves. And apparently, not all DNS entries are equal. blogger support dedicated FTP blog

I wanted to keep on my host provider (, but have on

I spent a few hours trolling through the FAQs & Forums for help on this. These were as clear as mud on the subject. Thankfully, the nice support folks at made several attempts to straighten this out. Unfortunately it took an entire weekend and a number of emails before I was finally able to see

Once I thought I understood what I wanted, and after much back and forth with JustHost, I googled per the title of this post. The first link took me to this page: Basic Guide to DNS – Google Apps Help. I wish I could have found this page hours ago, but nowhere did the FAQs or Forums lead me to anything this clear. All this talk about CNAMEs and DNS entries. blah blah blah.

So raise your hand if you already knew what a CNAME was used for? Turns out ‘third-level domains’ are known as subdomains or CNAMEs. Why didn’t they just say so in the first place? Most of us know the subdomain comes before the domain name in the URL. For example, “blog” is the subdomain in:

Turns out you don’t have to link the domain to if you don’t want to, you can link the subdomain. On the DNS tabe, link CNAME (in this case to com. This allows the blog to remain on and the website to be hosted elsewhere. Up until I saw this, all entries seemed to indicate that had to be linked to making the blog the landing point for a website. That really isn’t a very user friendly approach. (I was expecting to also be able to use, but so far that has not worked.)

So I’m sure some of you will laugh at me. That’s okay. Maybe some of you will benefit from my pain. Share your comments either way.

Domain Name

February 28th, 2010 by heiwayinc

Oh what fun it is to try to associate this Blogger account with a domain registered on another host. In a more efficient structure this would not require support, but alas an email to support is exactly what is required. But wait, exactly how many emails will it take?

End of Thread

November 30th, 2008 by heiwayinc

Sorry, I gave up on posting notes to this thread. I did successfully mod my Moto to the max andwas completely satisfied with the results. After about a year of use I was unable to charge it through the built in mini port. Apparently this was a problem with a number of these phones. Replacement cost for the same model (Moto V3) was ridiculous (about $120 for pay as you go on same network, and swap out SIM for regular plan.) Fortunately, I had a back up battery and was able to buy a small battery charger for about $7. I just had to swap out the batteries every other day or so.

I switched models after the Moto and am on my second generation with the other brand. I still have the Moto and loan it out to friends who are traveling Internationally as International SIM calling cards are very inexpensive. I was also able to get the unlock code from my carrier in case it is needed Internationally.

Methods for unlocking a cell phone

November 7th, 2007 by heiwayinc

There are several methods of unlocking a phone.

  • The cheapest and technically easiest would be to call your service provider and try to get a free unlock code from them. Good luck with that. I have been a cell phone user for 9 years and never enjoyed talking to anyone at 611.
  • Find a local hacker with a “black box” who will unlock your phone. Or buy a “black box” such as Smart Clip and try it yourself. (They don’t seem to be very user friendly devices, plus expensive.)
  • Select a remote unlocking service online. For a fee they will send the unlock code to your phone.
  • Something called “Test point connection” which involves cracking the phone and diddling with the circuit board. I don’t see any need for this.
  • Slogging through webpages like this one, searching out the software tools (i.e., hacks) online, and doing it yourself. This is the best price [FREE]. It involves SEVERAL steps, numerous tools (will someone please come up with a dashboard for all the tools), and a little anxiety. I think you can do it!

The DIY option isn’t exactly no fail, but I doubt you’ll end up with a BRICK (useless phone) when you are done. If you do end up with a BRICK, the cell phone provider SHOULD be able to restore factory settings remotely.